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About Us
The KPCT - Khan Do Kwan Police Control Tactics Program

KPCT - Khan Do Kwan Police Control Tactics (KPCT) is a Police Control Tactics program specifically designed for Law Enforcement officers. This program is developed by Javed Khan, a Martial Arts Grandmaster and a veteran police officer. The goal of this program is to train Law Enforcement Officers (LEO's) to gain quick control of their subjects while minimizing liability for their departments and injuries to the officer and the subject.

Several Police departments around the world train in this program and have KPCT instructors who actively teach this to their officers. KPCT is a certified program with the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board and the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy.

KPCT is also partners with the Indiana Sheriff's Association (ISA), where all control tactics training at the ISA is provided by KPCT/ Grandmaster Javed Khan.

Chief Paul Hoffman
Cpl. Caleb Snyder
Officer Sam Bohnke
Sgt. Kevin Brothers
Latest Update 

The KPCT & Indiana Sheriff's Association partner up.
The ISA and KPCT will conduct 2 Instructor Certification Trainings yearly and 4 - One Day long training's in a year.

Level 1 Certification
Northeast Indiana Law Enforcement
Training Council (NEILETC)

June 28 to July 02, 2021 - Warsaw  Indiana a Success

KPCT - Khan Do Kwan Police Control Tactics Level 1 Instructor, Organized By Northeast Indiana Law Enforcement Training Council (NEILETC), was successfully concluded with Marshall Paul Hoffman (Rome City PD), Cpl. Caleb Snyder (Kosciusko Co Sheriff's Office); Officer Sam Bohnke (Mentone PD) and Sgt. Kevin Brothers (St. Joe Co Sheriff's Office) graduating as KPCT Level - 1 Instructor's. Sgt. Travis Shively of Kosciusko Co SO who is also a KPCT Instructor was the effort behind this training. This course was presented and by Khan Do Kwan Grandmaster Javed Khan, founder, and developer of KPCT.

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