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 KPCT - Khan Do Kwan Police Control Tactics is a Police Control Tactics program designed for Law Enforcement officers. It is developed by Javed Khan a Martial Arts Grandmaster and a veteran police officer. Its goal is to train LEO's to gain quick control of their subjects while minimizing liability for their departments and injuries to the officer and the subject.

Grandmaster Javed Khan

Creator and Developer of KPCT

Khan Do Kwan Police Control Tactics


A Police officer/ Sheriff's Deputy, Grandmaster Javed Khan is a Lieutenant with the Marion County Sheriff's Office, Indianapolis IN. He is a Martial Arts Grandmaster with over 50 years of experience in the martial arts.  Grandmaster Javed Khan is a 9th Degree Black belt in Taekwondo. The President of the International Progressive Taekwondo Federation, an International Kickboxing and Taekwondo champion, a two-time world record holder in breaking, Creator of Khan Do Kwan Fighting system, Creator of WARDA Women Against Rape & Domestic Abuse and Creator of KPCT Khan Do Kwan Police Control Tactics. Grandmaster Javed Khan has trained and promoted hundreds of black belts worldwide, he has trained and created National, International and World Champions in Taekwondo and Kickboxing. Grandmaster Javed Khan is one of the pioneers of Taekwondo in India and is the person responsible for starting Kickboxing in India, he is also known as the "Father of Indian Kickboxing." Grandmaster Javed Khan has also trained police officers around the world including special units of the military.

In 2001 Grandmaster Javed Khan was included in the Hall of Fame of the World's Greatest Martial Artists. He was Featured in the books 33rd Edition.

Latest Update - Level 1 Certification

Northeast Indiana Law Enforcement
Training Council (NEILETC)

July 20 to 24, 2020 - Nappanee Indiana

KPCT - Khan Do Kwan Police Control Tactics Level 1 Instructor
Location: Nappanee, Indiana.

Organized By: Northeast Indiana Law Enforcement Training Council (NEILETC).

This training/ certification is only for Northeast Indiana Law Enforcement Training Council (NEILETC) Members.

This course is presented by Khan Do Kwan Grandmaster Javed Khan.