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The KPCT - Khan Do Kwan Police Control Tactics Program

 KPCT - Khan Do Kwan Police Control Tactics (KPCT) is a Police Control Tactics program designed for Law Enforcement officers. This program is developed by Grandmaster Javed Khan, a life-long Martial Artist and a veteran police officer. The goal of this program is to train Law Enforcement Officers (LEO's) gain quick control of their subjects while minimizing injuries the officer and the subject reducing liabilities to their departments.

KPCT is currently being used as a police control tactics program by several police agencies around the world. Police instructors certified in KPCT as instructors continue to teach officers in basic academies and also during in-service training in several countries world-wide. 

Both KPCT Level 1 & 2 certifications are certified by the Indiana Law Training Board and the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Academy. Officers holding both KPCT certifications are fully certified as per Indiana LETB Defensive Tactics mandate guidelines.  

The Indiana Sheriff's Association (ISA) is partners with KPCT and the program is taught in all ISA Police control tactics training.

Contact Grandmaster Javed Khan to conduct instructor certification training or other KPCT training at your agency.

Email: Phone: (812) 201 - 3732

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