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New Class Of KPCT Level 1 Instructors Graduate

Updated: May 8

A new class of KPCT Khan Do Kwan Police Control Tactics Level 1 instructors graduated on May 03, 2024 after a 1 week tough and grueling class. The certification training was conducted at the Indiana Sheriff's Association at Avon, Indiana. Deputies from the Sheriff's Offices of Clay Co, Kosciusko Co, Marion Co, Lawrence Co, Putnam Co, White Co, Decatur Co, Indianapolis Public Schools Police, Eskenazi Police, and Nashville Police departments attended and got certified as Level 1 instructors in the program.

Newly Certified KPCT Level 1 Instructors

Exec Dir Luce & Lauren Hess of the ISA with Grandmaster Javed Khan

Executive Director Stephen Luce being awarded an Indian Sword by Grandmaster Javed Khan

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